Producing Solutions for Your Hydraulic Valve Needs

Vonberg History

Design & Engineering


Our highly trained engineers have designed and developed an extensive hydraulic valve product line utilizing state of the art network CAD Engineering Technology. When standard Vonberg products do not meet your specific requirements, our engineering staff can design a custom solution to meet or exceed the demands of your application.



Vonberg utilizes the latest in modern manufacturing technology with automatic CNC lathes and CNC machining centers maintaining the tightest tolerance possible, resulting in superior quality valve components. A new computer network monitors all sales orders through MRP, manufacturing and production systems until the moment the product ships, furthering our reputation for providing the shortest lead times in the industry.



Benefiting from highly skilled personnel, some having been with the company since its inception, the knowledgeable Vonberg Assembly Team also has the added advantage of many years of experience. This combination of skill, knowledge and experience has allowed Vonberg to develop a reputation of unsurpassed quality in the mobile and industrial hydraulic marketplace.



All testing is done on high pressure, high flow test stands with specially designed fixtures to provide quick, accurate and reliable results. This unique test lab equipment allows Vonberg to analyze the product in a non-destructive manner while maintaining the integrity of delicate pipe threads, o-ring connections and flare fittings.

Quality Assurance


Vonberg's quality assurance program emphasizes zero defects throughout manufacturing and production. A sophisticated production work order system aids our highly trained workforce as they utilize calibrated instrumentation and specialized equipment forming a superior quality system.